Big Swole vs Tony Khan

Big Swole recently revealed why she chose to not resign with AEW. Her main reasons where a lack of structure in the company, the treatment of the women’s division (bumping heads with Omega and Brandi), and a lack of diversity.

“Lack of diversity” is what took the focus of the wrestling internet community and Tony Khan.

Tony Khan took offense to her comments on a lack of diversity and sent out a tweet in his defense. He pointed out that the people in charge are both people of color and named off wrestlers of color that had all won matches just in December alone. At the end of the tweet he said that he didn’t resign Big Swole because she wasn’t a good wrestler.

Lio Rush was the only wrestler to publicly speak on the matter since. He sent out a tweet demanding Tony apologize and later on clarifying that he had no beef with Tony, but like some felt Tony missed the point.

On the other hand the wrestling internet community went to war as usual. Some claiming that AEW is the most diverse mainstream wrestling company and others feeling Tony Khan completely missed the point.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, as someone who has a degree in public relations I do think Tony could have defended himself perfectly without burying Swole publicly. Let me know what you think by tweeting @BakkstageHeat on Twitter.

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