RIP Black and Gold

The most recent episode of NXT 2.0 was bittersweet. It was filled with great matches and memorable moments, but any long time NXT fan could see the writing on the wall. That the Black and Gold era of NXT is finally dead.

This is nothing new. We all knew this was coming, but it didn’t make it any less hard to watch. On one hand, change is a part of life and I don’t want to immediately write off the new era of NXT because this era is still very young and has some promising talent. On the other hand, I’m afraid of what Vince McMahon may have in store for the NXT brand after purging most of Triple H’s team in NXT. It’s no secret that Triple H along with the team and roster he built were vital for NXT’s boom period success. Perhaps Vince has made a mistake pulling the plug on the Black and Gold era.

The reason I’m hopeful is despite the fact that NXT 2.0 has yet to live up to Black and Gold era, it’s still nowhere as bad as it’s original game show incarnation. NXT literally went from being a cringy game show to the most popular brand in the wrestling community. Like I mentioned before, it’s still really early in its current Era. For the moment Vince and Bruce Prichard are in charge, but this could very well be only due to Triple H’s recent health issues. Perhaps they plan on giving the control back to Triple H when he returns (but probably not). Even if Triple H is being moved into another role, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that someone else could be brought in to run the show (because I don’t see Vince spending more of his time on NXT than he does Raw or Smackdown. Especially at his age). I also think it’s too soon to write off the new crop of talent that is making up NXT 2.0. Bron Breaker is probably my favorite out of the newer talents currently. He still needs some work, but he is what you would get if Rick and Scott Steiner were the same person. I see big star potential with him. I’m not saying that Vince has a good track record recently with how bad modern wwe booking can be, but I still want to give this young talent a chance.

Where I have doubts about the future of NXT is the recent purge of “Triple H guys” this week. This does not look good for a Triple H return to NXT and probably means he’ll be doing something else in the company. I can only imagine how he feels about all of this. One has to believe that he is furious. Some people think he may leave the WWE. I think that is highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Triple H has always been loyal to the WWE. Though I do believe he is probably upset to say the least, I think he’ll take on whatever new task they have for him. This past episode of NXT doesn’t give hope for Black and Gold era fans either as the show symbolically killed the Black and Gold era. Bron Breaker literally kicked through an old NXT style statue foreshadowing him dethroning Ciampa later that night. With all the title changes, I think it’s safe to say that the “new guard” is upon us. 

I’ll miss the Black and Gold era. For a time it was my favorite show to watch. I hate it was punished for a loss that really wasn’t it’s fault. People wanted an alternative to WWE and so AEW was going to be hard to beat already. People didn’t dislike NXT, they just felt they needed to support AEW because of what it stood for. Some people just wanted something that wasn’t WWE. When the fans were forced to choose, more of them chose to support AEW over NXT. I personally gave my support to both because I love them both. 

So here’s to you NXT Black and Gold. You had a hell of a run and we will miss you. I hope your next incarnation is even better. RIP Black and Gold. 

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