WWE Opening the Forbidden Door?

Just when you think WWE can’t surprise you anymore they do just that. Last night it was announced that Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James will be a participant in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

To newer fans this may seem normal considering how much other companies cross promote, Impact being one of the main players in that realm. However, WWE in the last 20 years has completely ignored the existence of the other promotions. If they do acknowledge another company it’s more than likely in an insignificant way. 

This is a significant way however. Mickie James is the Impact Knockouts champion. Regardless of how they book her in the match, this is big. Not to mention, Mickie James blasted WWE when she got released on how they literally bagged all of her stuff in a trash bag and mailed it to her. 

I won’t get my hopes up when it comes to the booking. WWE can still surprise us with great booking these days. However, when it comes to other promotions, WWE doesn’t have a good track record with booking their talent favorably. I think it’s obvious that she won’t win the Rumble (but I would not be against it… *cough* book it WWE *cough*… lol). I also wonder if she will have the Impact Knockouts title with her and if they’ll show it on WWE TV. That in itself would also be a significant moment in wrestling.

Regardless of any of that, I’m still excited by this. Mickie James is very loved by wrestling fans all over, so it will be great to see her get an opportunity in the match. 

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