AEW's DYNAMITE Episode 2 Review

Tonight AEW brought us their second episode of Dynamite on TNT. This show, in my opinion, was even better than last week's episode. Featuring talent such as The Young Bucks, Jon Moxley, PAC, and many more. So let's get into it.

This episode started with a tag team match between The Young Bucks and Private Party. This of course is apart of The AEW Tag Team Tournament to crown the company's first tag team champions. Going into the match, I expected The Bucks to win, but to make Private Party look very strong. This match was action packed with both teams looking really good. I do think that Private Party are still growing, but they brought their A game and even scored the upset win. I tip my hat to The Young Bucks for putting over the younger talent.

Next we had Chris Jericho come out with Sammie Guevara, Ortiz, Santana, and Jake Hager (fka Jack Swagger). Jericho cuts a great promo here. He starts by saying we can thank him on the success of DYNAMITE's debut episode. He then starts hurling insults at his Full Gear opponent, Cody. He says, "Dusty was a jerk" and that he doesn't like Dustin and that Cody is "entitled". Jericho then says he will "answer what everyone wants to know". He says the men in the ring are the closets men to him in the business today and then puts each of them over. Then reveals their name is "Inner Circle" and they "are taking over AEW".

Next we have a number 1 contenders match for the AEW World Title between Darby Allin and Jimmy Havoc. The winner will go on to face Chris Jericho on next week's episode of Dynamite. I was interested to see this match because I've only seen these two in hardcore matches and they put on a great match. Both guys showed they are more than just hardcore wrestlers. Now of course they through a few hardcore elements into it, such as biting each other's fingers, but ultimately they had a great singles match. Darby Allin came out on top in the end and will face Chris Jericho next week for the AEW World Title.

 Back to tag team action with the next bout. Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley faced off against Britt Baker and the current AEW Women's champion Riho. Another action packed match. Riho again proved that her lack of size is no reason to take her lightly. All four women looked great to be honest. This match gave us a taste of all the different feuds we could see in the future from this division. They focused on the tension between Priestley and Baker. This match kept the crowd going with Britt and Riho taking the win. 

 Next we get a promo package for The Best Friends followed by an interview with them. They are asked if they are ready for their tag team tournament match, to which they reply, "Why don't we ask him" and then point at Orange Cassidy. 

The lights go out immediately and when they come back up we see Shawn Spears. This brings us our next match. Shawn Spears vs Jon Moxley. This match was hard hitting with neither guy holding back. With how things went, it would of been easy to think that the win was going to Spears, but Moxley pulled out the win and gained some of the momentum he loss after pulling out of All Out. Afterwards, Kenny Omega came out with a baseball bat and broom both wrapped in barbwire. Kenny and Moxley get into it with Kenny standing tall afterwards.

For the main event. we saw Dustin and Hangman Page face off against Chris Jericho and Sammie Guevara. Yet another Great match. They are really using their star power to get over younger guys that aren't as well known. Sammie and Page both looked great. Dustin really showed he still can go with the best of them. Chris Jericho showed why he should be in the GOAT conversation. Jake Hager got involved a few times to help Sammie and Jericho pick up the win. After the match Inner Circle begins to beat down Dustin and Page. This leads Cody to come out, but the numbers game of course play out. MJF comes out to make a temporary save before being taken out. The Young Bucks come out and shift the momentum. This sends Chris Jericho in retreat, but he is attacked by Darby Allin before the show goes off air.

This show was amazing. They are doing well to get there young talent over and utilizing their established talent well. I'm sure the ratings will reflect it. This has been John with Backstage Heat and this episode of Dynamite gets two thumbs up. 



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