France Set To Legalize MMA By January 2020

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been banned in France since 2016. The French government stated that it would only legalize it if it was operated by one of the current French sports federations.

The French Sports Minister, Roxana Maracineanu, announced on twitter recently that the French government will be accepting applications from French sports federations to decide who would operate MMA in the country. The government will be accepting applications until September and making their decision before January 2020. 

UFC's senior executive vice president and chief operating officer, Lawrence Epstein acknowledge the announcement by stating, "We will closely follow the progress of the consultation period and pay particular attention to the respect of the integrity of MMA and preservation of its rules by the host federation. We put our global MMA expertise at the disposal of the authorities to make this process a collective construction."

Considering there are many French fighters in MMA, this is big for the both the industry and France.

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