Jericho Wants CM Punk In AEW

Jericho recently did an interview with ESPN. One of the topics of discussion, was CM Punk and AEW. Rumors have circulated that CM Punk is already signed or at least in talks with AEW  and that he will debut at their upcoming show All Out. All Out is the sequel show to last year's All In and will be held in CM Punk's hometown of Chicago. 

Jericho claimed however that no deal has been discussed between the two parties. He said that he would love for CM Punk to sign with AEW. Jericho feels that Punk wouldn't just come back for the money, but rather to prove something. He also believes that if Punk chose to come back to pro wrestling, AEW would be the perfect fit. He said that everyone at AEW would welcome him with open arms, but ultimately it is up to CM Punk.

"CM Punk to AEW" has been a huge topic in the wrestling world. Things spiced up when Tony Khan, Founder and President of AEW, revealed that CM Punk was the first guy he wanted to sign. CM Punk, has teased he that is interested in returning to the wrestling ring with recent comments and (depending on if you believe it or not) even made a special appearance in a wrestling match in recent months.

A CM Punk return could be possible, but we'll just have to wait and see. Backstage Heat will keep 

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